Adequate funding is the key to the survival of any organisation. Apart from an annual subscription from our membership, Freshspring has no regular income and relies entirely on donations, grants and the sale of ‘memorabilia’ for its income.

To put some perspective on this, Freshspring’s annual overhead – berthing fees, insurance, repairs etc – total about £15,000 but subscription income (net of membership costs) brings in barely £3,000. This leaves us an annual funding gap of £12,000 – and that takes no account of unforeseen costs and our share of grant aided projects. 

How do we raise the funds we need? We have two specific requirements – firstly raising finance for specific projects like the refurbishment of part of the ship, and secondly funds to cover our overheads. 

Project funding is mainly achieved either through the Heritage Lottery Fund – and we have successfully applied twice for such funds – or from large Charitable organisations which support organisations like ours. However, competition for funds from all sources is fierce!

Funding overhead costs is much harder and we rely on the generosity of our members, local charitable organisations, donations and organised events – but we are ALWAYS in need more!

How can you help? By donating any amount! If you are a UK taxpayer, and specify that your donation is Gift Aided, we can claim a further 25% from the Government.

Don’t delay, donate today!