Weekend Works

With the gangway in place and good weather over the weekend we took the oportunity to look through the 'to do' list and make a start on some of the higher priority jobs. We moved everything out of the galley, where, over the years, condensation has caused the paint to flake off, and look a bit tired, as an interim solution we scraped the loose flakes, wire brushed then sanded the interior before painting with white gloss, hopefully a better environment for making the tea and coffee, even if it is only an interim solution?

We then took off three wooden patches, which although looking well sealed were letting water in through the deck into the aft accomodation, we cleaned the rough metal back and cut some steel patches, just in order to stop the water coming in, the welding took a while, with the largest patch right behind a bollard, but this should hopefully put pay to the water comming in.

Whilst with the welder we also welded a patch over the old stove pipe exit in the galley roof, again, it was letting water in, and welded various 'tags' in at the top of the aft accomodation and forward accomodation steps, in order to bolt them in so they don't move about. The final job, again, to stop water ingress was to remove both of the upward facing portlights in the forecastle, make rubber gaskets and put them back, with sealant, hopefully this will stop the water. All in all an excellent weekend of work, making a real start on the jobs list we wrote a few months back now.