Steamship Freshspring Trust - Update 7

The weekend is a time when the ship should be busy with visitors, all eager to go below deck to see our triple expansion steam engine, visit the Captain’s cabin, climb the steps to the wheelhouse to look at the navigation and communication equipment – and the view of the river – and see the quarters where the crew would have slept and lived. Instead the ship is quiet, with just a couple of volunteers ensuring safety and carrying out essential work – such lovely weather and no-one to enjoy the ship! Last week I mentioned the new mast – here it is being worked on.

The equipment to jet wash the exterior of the ship is on board and ready for the work to start. By the time it’s finished it will look an even smarter vessel than usual.  

Work on a secure children’s website is moving on and we hope to say more about this soon.

As to the future we, like every other organisation and family in the UK, await the next Government guidance on how we emerge from Covid 19 and can plan to re-open the ship and continue with our educational activities. There is much talk of a boom in UK holidays later this year which, if it happens, will benefit the south west. We can only hope!