Preparations for boiler inspection

This week during our regular Wednesday evening working parties we continued working towards getting the boiler ready for an initial inspection around the begining of June. Previously we'd put the boiler room floor back in place and began to loosen off some of the fittings around the ends of the furnaces to gain access. This week we removed the cast nozzles below the main burners to gain (albeit somewhat tight) access. After looking in two (and doing some cleaning as we went) I felt I had to complete the set and have a look in the third, unfortuntaley the starboard furnace was very sooty indeed,clearly there hadn't been complete combustion when last used. We managed to remove some of the loose soot, unfortunatley, by the look of myself as I came out of the furnace some of the removal had been done by my hair!!! All in all an excellent evening, making some real progress.