Bideford Water Festival 28th July 2019

The Bideford Water Festival on the 28th July was a major achievement for the Freshspring Trust. We ran steamboat trips to view SS Freshspring from the water and these were incredibly popular. We had so many ad hoc volunteers who just came to help us and it made it great fun for us all. Thank you to Woody for conning the boat so well and Mark for helping and bringing even more lifejackets.

The figures are amazing:

Freshspring had 359 (some 40% children) visitors and made £229. I can't imagine how the team coped.

We carried 120 passengers on our steamboat trips, including some prominent local dignitaries and made £180. It was very hard work for Woody and me but well worth it to see such happy faces.

We are a small trust, and I am always humbled by the commitment everyone makes to support our project and so a huge thanks to all out volunteers for making the day so special.

John Puddy (Chair)