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Wheelhouse banners

Posted on 19/12/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


A set of banners to go around the wheelhouse of Freshspring were delivered today and we just couldn't wait to see them up, so we have spent the afternoon fitting two of them. A vast improvement I hope you'll agree.

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Hull steelworks progressing well

Posted on 30/08/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


The steelworkers have been busy on Freshspring for over two weeks now and are making good progress, working from the bow to aft. There are currently three teams working, two are positioning and tacking on the plates, with the last building up the seam welds. Rather than craning the plates into place, hooks are welded onto the hull and chain blocks are…

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Priming the hull

Posted on 16/08/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


The ship has received a fresh look over the weekend as contractors gave the hull a quick wash off before applying the first coat of paint to the bottom for probably nearly forty years. This paint is a 'holding' primer to slow down rust while the steelworks take place, but can be welded through, so there is no need for the steelwork contracotrs…

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Hull cleaning works

Posted on 14/08/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


The day following settling onto the blocks saw, after a gangway was lowered into place by the shipyard, the hull blasting start. The object of this exercise is to clean off all paint, scale and rust from the hull so we can get a much better idea of the condition of the hull plating. The hull blasting process only uses ultra-high pressure water (30,000psi)…

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Down onto the blocks

Posted on 03/08/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


On Sunday 31st July 2016, Freshspring was moved from her holding berth where she has been waiting since the tow from Newnham and into the drydock at Sharpness. Once tied up alongside, the shipyard spent some time getting Freshspring on a more even keel. She usually lists to starboard, probably due to the fuel oil pumping equipment in the boiler room,…

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Tow to Sharpness, the start of hull works

Posted on 09/07/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


On the morning of Wednesday 6th July, Freshspring was towed along the river Severn in Gloucestershire from Newnham-on-Severn to Sharpness, the first time she has moved any distance for over 20 years, marking the start of works enabling Freshspring to be saved and be moved to a public location in the North Devon town of Bideford. A fabulous and very…

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Some filming

Posted on 24/01/2016 by Stephen Attenborough


We were joined by Graham Sayers of Avalon Video on Sunday for his first bit of filming for a promotional video on Freshspring (we'll post the link when it is finished) but we also used the time to remedy a small water leak that was getting into the engine room. The problem was that water was running down the side of the galley, behind the door and…

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Priming the bulwarks

Posted on 01/11/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


After one day last weekend and both days this weekend, Christian HW, Mark R and Stephen A have now completed chipping back and priming all of the bulwarks up the the focle. We'll have to source the black top coat fairly soon so we can get a couple of coats on before the weather really turns. It could be the turn of the wheelhouse next to be smartened…

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A bit of paint on the bulwarks

Posted on 17/10/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


Now Freshspring is settled in her new berth we have been spending a little time to smarten her up. We've had to strip off the majority of the paint on the outer of the bulwarks as it appears to have been coated with some form of bitumastic paint that is not adhered to the steel very well and reacts with new paint. Fortunately it comes off quite…

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A change of berth

Posted on 30/09/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


There was plenty of activity on board Freshspring today as we had to move her from the inlet we put her in just over a year ago, back into the main flow of the river about 100ft from where she was previously. Fortunately she will be more sheltered from the bores than two years ago due to a pair of barges downstream from her, but we do still need to…

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