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Work continues in the boiler room, crew bunk room and boatdeck

Posted on 20/07/2020 by Anne Budd

We are planning a survey of the boiler and currently we are preparing for this work. A rare picture of the inside of the boiler. Bill working in the crew bunk room. It will soon be as immaculate as the mess area. The woodpeckers are at work again, needle gunning the boatdeck in preparation for painting.

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What have Freshspring been doing during the lockdown

Posted on 03/07/2020 by Anne Budd

Repainted Crew Mess area

We are looking at the government guidance and are in the process of determining measures that we need to put in place to keep all of our volunteers and visitors safe before we announce an opening date. Our expected income from donations that would cover our essential maintenance and core costs this year has been severely reduced, you can help support…

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Steamship Freshspring Trust - Update 8

Posted on 21/05/2020 by Anne Budd

The mast work is going well – have a look at this aerial view. Jet washing the exterior of the ship has been started – a necessary maintenance task to ensure that there aren’t any ‘nasties’ being hidden by the discolouration that has accumulated on the hull. Today’s papers suggest that there may yet be a holiday…

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Steamship Freshspring Trust - Update 7

Posted on 12/05/2020 by Anne Budd

The weekend is a time when the ship should be busy with visitors, all eager to go below deck to see our triple expansion steam engine, visit the Captain’s cabin, climb the steps to the wheelhouse to look at the navigation and communication equipment – and the view of the river – and see the quarters where the crew would have slept…

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That broken propeller

Posted on 03/04/2020 by Stephen Attenborough


To make a change from news regarding Covid, here's a reprint of an article from our Winter 2017 newsletter by Stephen Attenborough. You can get the latest newsletters and help support our work by becoming a member. Have a look at this page on our website for further information Many times while…

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SS Freshspring united with her siren on 19th June

Posted on 21/06/2019 by Anne Budd

Freshspring Siren

On the 19th June, SS Freshspring was reunited with her siren, which was removed some 30 years ago. This represents another step towards the ultimate goal of bringing the ship back into steam. Navy ships used a special type of siren not used on other ships. It was designed to be an effective signalling system in fog.

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National Volunteers Week 1-7 June 19

Posted on 20/05/2019 by Anne Budd

Volunteers at Work Forward deck

Without Volunteers Freshspring wouldn’t still be afloat, never mind welcoming visitors to enjoy her as a historic and educational attraction! As a result we are celebrating National Volunteers Week with support from TTVS by presenting certificates of recognition to one Ship Volunteer and one Freshspring Trustee. The awards take place at Bideford…

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Freshspring receives her wheelhouse

Posted on 16/04/2018 by Stephen Attenborough


On Monday 16th April 2018 many months of work, as part of a project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Bideford Bridge Trust, Torridge District Council, Headly Trust and Balsdon Trust, saw SS Freshspring receive her timber wheelhouse. The wheelhouse still requires final fitting and fitting out, but vastly improves the looks of the ship once again…

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