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Upcoming Events for July 2019

Posted on 28/06/2019 by Anne Budd

Easter Open Day 21 Apr 19 On Deck

Thursday 18th July Chumleigh Academy Aspire Day Sunday 28th July Bideford Water Festival on Bideford quay 12:30 to 6:30pm. the Ship will be Open as usual and there will be Steamboat rides from the old bridge.

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SS Freshspring united with her siren on 19th June

Posted on 21/06/2019 by Anne Budd

Freshspring Siren

On the 19th June, SS Freshspring was reunited with her siren, which was removed some 30 years ago. This represents another step towards the ultimate goal of bringing the ship back into steam. Navy ships used a special type of siren not used on other ships. It was designed to be an effective signalling system in fog.

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National Volunteer Week TTVS held a celebration event at Bideford Rugby Club on Wednesday 5th June 2019

Posted on 10/06/2019 by Anne Budd

TTVS Volunteer Awards 2019

At this event awards were given to two Freshspring Society Volunteers for the work they do in supporting the Trust. Anne Budd has brought very valuable IT and Management skills which have elevated both communications and potential of the charity. Bill Slipper has been a stalwart volunteer on the ship, providing support and advice for all those who need…

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