SS Freshspring united with her siren on 19th June

Posted on 21/06/2019 by Anne Budd

Freshspring Siren

On the 19th June, SS Freshspring was reunited with her siren, which was removed some 30 years ago. This represents another step towards the ultimate goal of bringing the ship back into steam. Navy ships used a special type of siren not used on other ships. It was designed to be an effective signalling system in fog.

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National Volunteer Week TTVS held a celebration event at Bideford Rugby Club on Wednesday 5th June 2019

Posted on 10/06/2019 by Anne Budd

TTVS Volunteer Awards 2019

At this event awards were given to two Freshspring Society Volunteers for the work they do in supporting the Trust. Anne Budd has brought very valuable IT and Management skills which have elevated both communications and potential of the charity. Bill Slipper has been a stalwart volunteer on the ship, providing support and advice for all those who need…

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Saturday 25th May Bideford Bike show and SS Freshspring was Open to Visitors

Posted on 31/05/2019 by Anne Budd

Bideford Bike Show 2019 (1)

Saturday the 25th May was the Bideford Bike show. It was the biggest show ever with bikes all along the quay. SS Freshspring was open for the day and attracted over 111 visitors. She was open again on Sunday with her, now usual, over 70 visitors. The tour guide leaflets are proving very popular and visitors typically spend up to one hour on board. Our…

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National Volunteers Week 1-7 June 19

Posted on 20/05/2019 by Anne Budd

Volunteers at Work Forward deck

Without Volunteers Freshspring wouldn’t still be afloat, never mind welcoming visitors to enjoy her as a historic and educational attraction! As a result we are celebrating National Volunteers Week with support from TTVS by presenting certificates of recognition to one Ship Volunteer and one Freshspring Trustee. The awards take place at Bideford…

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Freshspring Welcomes Visitors

Posted on 20/05/2019 by Anne Budd

Open Day 21 Apr 19

Freshspring opened to the public for the 2019 season on Sunday 7th April and is now open every Sunday from 11:30 – 16:00. We’ve been really pleased with the number of visitors to the ship, averaging around 70 people each open day and with lots of new things to see the feedback has been really positive. The teddy crew have understandably…

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