Clearing the bunker

Posted on 25/11/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


When Freshspring was launched in 1946, she was coal fired into the three furnace scotch boiler. However, along with one of her sister ships (Freshspray), they became the first of their class to be converted to oil firing in 1956. On Saturday we entered one of the bunkers, after venting and testing the air, to remove the remaining fuel oil for disposal.…

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Freshspring in Bristol 1987

Posted on 08/11/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


A photo from the archives this time, courtesy of Richard Clammer. This photo was taken outside the Bristol Industrial Museum, Princes Wharf for an article in Ships Monthly 1987. It's interesting to see the wheelhouse, complete with the telegraph and remote steering control on the compass deck.

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New aft accommodation hatch

Posted on 22/10/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


On Saturday we had a working party onboard with a sheet of steel, plasma cutter, welder and so on we began re manufacturing the hatch to the aft accommodation, which, along with the skylight had been removed probably whilst in Bristol. We'd already measured up so after marking out we set the plasma cutter to work and cut out the four sides and top…

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Escape hatch repairs & bilge cleaning

Posted on 10/10/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


Another busy evening on board last night, with Mark Rozelaar replacing some light fittings in the focle and John Austin repairing the escape hatch from the engine room where it had rotted out and risked letting water in. Then it was a group effort cleaning the bilges in the boiler room, not the most pleasant or easiest of jobs, but we have certainly…

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Boiler room tour

Posted on 10/09/2013 by Stephen Attenborough

The second of our video tours around SS Freshspring is now available to watch on YouTube, this time Mark takes us around the front of the boiler and the fuelling system. A video of the interior of the boiler will be coming up at a later date. Let us know if there are any parts of the ship you feel we should be taking a video tour of.

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First YouTube video

Posted on 25/08/2013 by Stephen Attenborough

Photos are a great way to show fellow enthusiasts on-board but with a video you can really appreciate how it's laid out, as such I took a tour of the engine room. I do hope you all enjoy it.

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Down in the gland compartment

Posted on 01/08/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


We have been advised in the past that the bilges (the lowest part of the ship hull) should be kept clean and clear of any water, so last night John Austin and I spent some time checking over the gland compartment. In here the propshaft passes from the engine to the propeller via a pair of bearings and glands (seals) to prevent water coming in.

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Posted on 11/07/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


Work on board continues with weatherproofing of the focle, where a drip strip has been fitted above the door to stop the water running down the inside of the door and flashband has been applied over the holes as a temporary measure until a new plate is welded or riveted in. Steel caps have also been fabricated to fit over other holes in the deck where…

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Preparations for boiler inspection

Posted on 23/05/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


This week during our regular Wednesday evening working parties we continued working towards getting the boiler ready for an initial inspection around the begining of June. Previously we'd put the boiler room floor back in place and began to loosen off some of the fittings around the ends of the furnaces to gain access. This week we removed the cast…

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A different perspective on SS Freshspring

Posted on 10/05/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


With the tide a long way out and good weather it seemed an ideal time to get a different perspective on Freshspring and a chance to have a closer look at the hull, propeller and rudder.

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