Masters cabin cleaning and a Freshspring model

Posted on 25/05/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


The weather down on the Severn on Saturday was pretty miserable, so it was an ideal time to wipe down and vacuum the Masters cabin after John Richards and John Austin had spent so much time last Tuesday clearing things away. It looks so much better for it too. Sunday saw another meeting onboard Freshspring, a chance to use the freshly cleansed Masters…

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Leak chasing

Posted on 13/04/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


For some weeks we have been trying to find the leak that caused the water to come in after the AGM, but despite waiting patiently on-board as the tide was rising, we could not see it. For a number of weeks, only a few inches would come in each week until over a foot came in in just a few days. We pumped the area dry again and waited for the tide to…

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Post AGM, a new leak

Posted on 10/03/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


Thank you to all who were able to attend our inaugural AGM on Saturday. It was a good opportunity to meet with the membership to give updates on progress, answer questions and receive suggestions. After the meeting and lunch, a trip to the ship took place, with a chance to inspect all the works from the past year. Unfortunately on Saturday we discovered…

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AGM time and more bores

Posted on 03/03/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


In just under a weeks time at 12 noon on Saturday 8th March 2014 we will be holding our inaugural Annual General Meeting at The Dean Heritage Centre, Camp Mill, Soudley, Gloucestershire, GL14 2UB. All are welcome, though only members will be eligible to vote. After the meeting and a break for lunch (available at The Dean Heritage Centre), we have arranged…

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After the bore and those tides

Posted on 20/02/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


Our plans to finish emptying the chain locker a few weeks ago did not quite go to plan as due to all of the flooding, the river level was not low enough to safely complete the job. Being on the River Severn, there is a wide tide range, with the added complication of the Severn bore. The bore that came in at the beginning of the month brought in a four…

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More on the Chain locker and other smaller jobs

Posted on 01/02/2014 by Stephen Attenborough

During our working party last Saturday, the side perforated plates in the chain locker were successfully unbolted and lifted with the hope of then lifting the floor plate/s. We had planned on lifting them out of the locker, but they are larger than the hatch, so they must have been put in as the ship was constructed. With the earlier tide on the day,…

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Investigating the chain locker

Posted on 13/01/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


Coming back after the Christmas and New Year break, this Saturday we returned to our current big task on the ship, clearing the chain locker. I had picked this weekend as the published tide tables suggested that the low tide would be low enough for us to seal off the hole, but as warned by others more knowledgeable in the movements of the River Severn,…

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Second chain removed and on deck

Posted on 22/12/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


Yesterday we continued with preparations for clearing the silt from the chain locker by removing the port chain on deck (as we've already done with the starboard chain). The Monday working party had already begun to remove the chain with around 50 feet out already so we continued, using the handles to turn the windlass and pulling the chain out…

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Hauling chains

Posted on 15/12/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


In preparation for clearing the silt out of the chain locker and sealing up the hole, which we believe is towards the bottom of the hull, today we set about removing one of the chains from the locker and drew it out along the length of the ship. Fortunately the windlass could be driven by hand, so as Mark Rozelaar hauled the chain up, John Austin and…

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Silt clearing from the ballast tank

Posted on 01/12/2013 by Stephen Attenborough


With a low tide at the right time of day we made the brave move to cut a hole in the side of the forward ballast tank so we could flush the silt out. It's in there after another hole higher up went through over a year ago next to a welded patch. That hole has now been filled, along with the hole we cut today. It was a really mucky job, but easier…

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