Gangway steps and engine room cleaning

Posted on 01/03/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


John A has been busy today with carpentry work, assembling and fitting new steps to the gangway platform. The previous steps were second hand when they came to the ship, the spacing of the treads were not best suited to its new location and they had started to deteriorate, so we were keen that they were replaced before the forthcoming AGM later this…

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Society AGM announcement

Posted on 23/02/2015 by Stephen Attenborough

The second annual general meeting of the Steamship Freshspring Society will be held from 12 noon on Saturday 28th March 2015, at Westbury-On-Severn Parish Hall, Rodley Road, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire GL14 1PF. As per last year, the ship will be open to attendees after the event. A buffet lunch will be available after the meeting at a cost…

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Cable locker, part VIII and time on the boiler

Posted on 21/02/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


After those past few weeks away from it, John A, Stephen A and Mark R have been back in the cable locker again today, but not before a 5* bore (the largest rated) tidal bore had travelled up the Severn. Freshspring has survived this well, due to our more sheltered mooring. Down in the cable locker, the last floor plates were lifted and a couple of dozen…

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Freshspring (or Freshspray) in Malta

Posted on 15/02/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


A photograph from the archives this week from M Cassar in Malta. The picture shows either Freshspring or Freshspray (the other 'Fresh' class ship that worked in Malta) the steam tug RMAS/PAS Sea Giant in 1955 and aircraft carrier HMS Centaur. The tug Sea Giant was 180' long with a beam of 37' compared to the 126' length and beam…

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Back in the boiler room

Posted on 08/02/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


Buoyed by our success last week with the concrete patch in the cable locker, today we have been working in the boiler room. As we waited for the tide to drop, dried silt was swept up from the bilges and the area around the patch cleaned off as best as possible. Once the tide was low enough, the temporary patch was removed and we were encouraged…

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Cable locker, part VII

Posted on 01/02/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


Yesterday two volunteers spent the afternoon in discussion with people who can help us with the major fundraising and it is looking positive, but today it was back into the cable locker once again. Since we were in there two weeks ago there have been a number of high tides, which have been enough to float the ship and a little water has found it's…

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Time to tidy

Posted on 24/01/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


We didn't have enough volunteers on board today to safely work in the cable locker so instead used the time to finish off some jobs we had already started and tidy up in preparation for the AGM visit in a few weeks time (an official announcement will be made soon) While spending a little time to asses a job I took a rather unusual photograph, can…

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Cable locker, part VI

Posted on 18/01/2015 by Stephen Attenborough


Back from another day working in the cable locker with Mark R, Christian H, Mark B, John A and Stephen A. There was a little silt to remove from on top of the plates, but it was soon necessary to start unbolting the perforated plates to reveal the silt behind, this was shovelled into buckets and hauled up to the main deck for disposal. This took much…

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Main engine turns once again

Posted on 13/12/2014 by Stephen Attenborough

Main engine turns - 1

Today has seen volunteers turn the main steam engine over a complete revolution for the first time in a few years, however this has been achieved using jacks instead of the turning gear or steam unfortunately. As we had determined that the high pressure piston valve was sticking, the first job of the day was to remove the top cover from it to inspect,…

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Thrust block dissasembly and gland removal

Posted on 07/12/2014 by Stephen Attenborough


Another day working towards getting the main engine turning again and first off was the trust block, with bronze drift we were able to push out the packing piece between the thrust bearing holder and housing. This allowed the thrust bearings to be dropped back from the faces, rotated and lifted out. Next, wooden packing pieces and wedges were placed…

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