Original oil lamp returns and more for the archives

We are very fortunate too have recently made contact with Mr Fox of Bristol, whose brother purchased Freshspring with Mr Burgess in 1979. He has enabled us to reunite one of the original lamps with the ship, along with a number of plans and documents we had not seen before.
The drawings tell us it is a water gauge type oil lamp, A.P. 3520, and it does indeed sit very nicely by the water level gauge for the boiler. There was at one time many more small oil lamps dotted around the ship, but unfortunately they have been lost at some time. According to our records, they are round and of a bulkhead type, part number A.P. 300. Any more information about those lamps or anything to do with the history of the ship is very welcome.
You can contact us here or email info@ssfreshspring.co.uk

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