Hull cleaning works

The day following settling onto the blocks saw, after a gangway was lowered into place by the shipyard, the hull blasting start. The object of this exercise is to clean off all paint, scale and rust from the hull so we can get a much better idea of the condition of the hull plating.
The hull blasting process only uses ultra-high pressure water (30,000psi) to clean the hull and a surprisingly small quantity too, which means there is no media, such as sand or grit to clean up. The result is very clean steel to give us a very good idea of the condition of the hull plating.

Hull blasting took around eight working days and the contractors were closely followed by the ultrasonic thickness testers and our naval architect. The bare steel will be given a coat of primer paint, that can be welded through, to slow down further corrosion while the surveyors come in to determine exactly what work has to be done to allow Freshspring to gain the certificates to enable her to be towed away to her new public berth.

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