Chulmleigh Community College Aspire Day 18th July 2019

The objective for the day was to enlighten a group of eighteen Year 10 pupils about careers in maritime. We were extremely lucky to have the sea cadets’ engineering pod to support us as well as Captain Kevin Slade with his Merchant Navy presentation.

The Pod could only cater for a limited number of students at a time, so we divided the class into three groups of six. They spent 15 minutes at the pod, and 30 minutes in the classroom where Kevin gave the presentation and John Puddy talked about his son, Tom’s experience, training and serving at sea.

Jenny from the sea cadets, who manages the pod, was brilliant with the students. She showed them the Lister engine, getting them to turn the handle and see the effect that created throughout the engine. Parts of the engine were cut away so that there was a clear view of the mechanism working inside. The setup also included a marine gearbox and even a propeller on the end.

The newer engine inside the Pod was used as a comparison between 1960’s and 1980’s engineering. Jenny discussed the difference between two and four stroke engines, the importance of using clean oil and the efficiency of the engines. She also demonstrated the way a clutch worked.

The students were generally very engaged with these sessions with Jenny’s energy and enthusiasm being quite contagious. It was really good to have such clear information and excellent real equipment.

Kevin Slade’s presentation showed the students how they could train to be seafarers and how important our fleet is for transporting freight. Cruise ships and super yachts were also discussed as two growth areas in need of professional crew. Kevin’s presentation ended with the “To sea or not to sea” video clip which was thought provoking.

John Puddy brought to life the concept of being a seafarer by talking about his son Tom’s experience. John talked about Tom’s training, first jobs and decision to move to super yachts. John also spoke about the financial gains of a career at sea. 

Also a brief overview of joining the Royal Navy, discussing the training, skills learned, places visited was given.