An eBay find


It's curious what pops up on a popular internet auction site, this image was found as a negative late last year and scanned by one of our volunteers.
The photo shows Freshspring outside the Bristol Industrial Museum (now M Shed) We think it was taken between 1981 and 1987 as aft of Freshspring is the steam tug Mayflower during restoration. Please let us know if you can identify anything else in the photo or help pin down the date it was taken.



From Colin Baxter 'I think the pilot cutter (with the plum stem ) outboard of Freshwater is Jolie Brise , built 1913 as a LeHavre pilot cutter and I think still holds the record for the only "yacht " to win the Fastnet race 3 times . Shes operated by Duntsey school for sail training now' 'Jolie Brise won the first race in 1925 , then in 1929 and 1930 .In 2000 she won the Tall Ships Race'

From Bryan Claridge 'I would guess 1983 on wards as mayflower has her wheelhouse surround and painted in primer.'

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